A downloadable game for Windows

Adventure platformer action game where you take control of a knight that travels between realities in order to solve puzzles.

You can play it with keyboard or joystick. Joystick is preferable.

move - w,a,s,d
jump - space
dash - shift
change reality - right click
attack - left click mouse
move camera - mouse

move - Left thumbstick
jump - Face button bottom or left shoulder
dash - Face button right or left trigger
change reality - Face button top or right shoulder
attack - Face button left or right trigger
move camera - Right thumbstick


AKnightBetweenRealities.zip 852 MB


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Game might be broken. After defeating the two enemies your only choice it to fall into the water and restart. No tutorial and no instructions on what to.

Make sure you explain the mechanics that are needed to progress. That is more important than anything else. Good luck! 

edit: just played it again and I really liked it! fun to play and looks cool

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You're right. You can change between realities with R or with "triangle" on ps or "y" on xbox controller. The game is not finished yet, I've uploaded it in case i can't upload it today for the jam submission.

Try changing realities on that part. Thanks for the feedback!